Here’s the latest:

Wednesday, April 6th

Hello everyone,

Welcome to April and the first full month of NJHealthConnect@Your Library! We have one last delivery on Monday, and then we’ll all officially be up and running. Thanks to everyone for your patience, questions, and reports–your ideas and feedback have truly enriched the program, and I look forward to working with you all as we begin the next stage.

A few quick updates and requests for this week:

  • Please complete the March survey, even if you’ve only just received your iPads.
  • We’d love to have your NJHealthConnect iPad selfies and group photos! They’ll be used for marketing the program, and we want to make sure all participating libraries are represented.
  • New resources:
    • A press release template is now available for download in the resource library.
    • A list of all participating libraries. Please check that the listed phone number is correct and add branch information as needed.
  • Coming soon: a revised app chart, social services links, and FAQ.
  • As we shift into the public-facing stage of our program, we’ll be sending out marketingfocused content weekly. News updates will be sent out as needed.

This is my last day for the week; I expect to be in Monday-Wednesday next week from 9-5. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns–Karen and I are only an email away!